E-commerce Sale - Lego Disney The Disney Castle - Digital Doorbuster Derby:£84

E-commerce Sale - Lego Disney The Disney Castle - Digital Doorbuster Derby:£84


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E-commerce Sale - Lego Disney The Disney Castle - Digital Doorbuster Derby:£84 - Lego Disney

This set provides an age-appropriate structure adventure for grows older 16 and over.
Fortress main property second-floor area features buildable dark-blue drapes along with window curtain post, elaborate buildable candelabra and rose, as well as glass case aspects.
Key tower second-floor space features a turning wheel as well as accessibility to the fortress major building third-floor space.
Launch the rockets as well as permit the magic start!
Main high rise third-floor space features a trunk containing comb, scissor as well as padlock of dark hair aspects, plus a patio along with 2 stud shooters for a firework-display functionality.
Features 2 toads and also a golden crown factor.
Main tower fifth-floor room features a window bench as well as a curved window.
The Disney Fortress gauges over 29' (74cm) higher, 18.8' (48cm) wide as well as 12' (31cm) deep.

Castle principal structure fourth-floor room includes an in-depth bed with decorative golden headboard factors.
Palace principal property initial floor features the main hall with sizable curved doorway, mosaic flooring tiling, luxuriant chandelier, fits of armor, shield-decorated walls, gramps clock, floor-standing flower holder along with buildable floral components, magic rug and a golden light.
Get rid of component of the rooftop part to uncover the glass sandal component as well as fairy-tale manual element with imprinted cover.
Key tower first-floor kitchen features a big redbrick-patterned oven, workbench, buildable sweeper and fruit, plus containers, frying pans and also diverse kitchen space as well as food components.

Palace primary structure third-floor space includes a trunk with manual of spells, mop and also bucket factors, and access to the principal tower second-floor room.

Deliver the wonderful globe of Disney to your home along with The Disney Fortress. This extremely in-depth version with over 4,000 pieces provides a worthwhile participate in and construct encounter, and features a selection of amazing Disney-themed features and also functionalities. The intricately comprehensive exterior and also towers imitate the famous Walt Disney World? Resort Cinderella Palace, as well as each available palace space consists of unique functions influenced by a number of Disney's best cartoon main attraction, giving unlimited action possibilities with the included minifigures: Mickey Computer mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Sissy Duck and also Tinker Bell, or other characters from your assortment.
The Disney Palace includes a detailed facade along with a rock bridge, time clock, wide curved entryway, opulent balconies, spired high rises, plus a four-story main property and also a five-story, golden-spired major high rise, both having areas along with assorted Disney-inspired attributes and factors.
Incorporate with various other minifigure personalities for never-ending adventures!

Consists of 5 minifigures: Mickey Computer mouse with a dinner jacket, Minnie Mouse along with red gown, Donald Duck with classic ensemble, Daisy Duck along with pink dress, lavender colored shoes and a bow, and Tinker Bell with wig element, skirt, airfoils as well as a magic stick.
Key tower fourth-floor space features a golden mirror, plus reddish apple as well as glass pot aspects.
This set features over 4,000 parts.