Holiday Gift Sale - Remote Command L.O.L. Surprise! Tires - One-Day:£24

Holiday Gift Sale - Remote Command L.O.L. Surprise! Tires - One-Day:£24


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Holiday Gift Sale - Remote Command L.O.L. Surprise! Tires - One-Day:£24 - L.O.L. Surprise Dolls

DISTINCTIVE FASHION DOLL: Music box B.B. is unique; trickling in gold from head to toe, from her gleaming, gold highlights in her hair to the complex gold-coloured stitching on her manner to her luxe accessories.
INCLUDES: unique fashion trend doll, showstopping manners, significant peninsula, luxe, golden extras, ferocious shoes, a brush, light-up jukebox stage and doll stand up that truly plays music and also token to participate in popular music.

Sizes: 35.56 L x 13.34 W x 31.12 H cm.
GIFTABLE PACKING: Fee giftable memento package deal makes the excellent gift for supporters as well as collectors equally.
LIGHT-UP STAGE PERFORMS SONGS: Feature Jukebox B.B. on her incredible light-up jukebox stage. Insert the token, as well as the stage set plays songs. It participates in Music box B.B.'s rock-and-roll piece of a surprise track.
Batteries called for: 3 x AA (Included).
O.M.G! The Original Queen of Stone prepares to participate in with her team to repossess the stage and take the program. She is actually Contacting All B.B.s to join her for the So Addition Tour, where every B.B. will definitely be dancin' to the dollhouse rock as well as remixin' the whole world. Are you prepared to toss 'n' rock? Offering Jukebox B.B., the one-of- a-kind L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Remix 2020 Collector Version fashion trend doll. This queen is dripping in gold from scalp to foot-- coming from her sparkling, gold highlights in her hair to the ornate gold- coloured sewing on her manner to her luxe add-ons. She possesses magnificent features, gorgeous, styled hair, and she's verbalized for lots of postures. She is actually the significant sister to supporter favourite L.O.L. Surprise! character, The Queen, and she prepares to hold the supreme gig-- the Thus Extra Excursion. As well as she has presently picked the perfect look that will certainly steal the series. Her showstopping fashions include a high-neck crop top, dramatic gold brocade flared jeans with crystal trim, a showstopping coat along with crystal-studded dog collar as well as an impressive, shimmering cape. Music box B.B. likewise consists of a light-up music box stage that truly participates in songs! Put the token, and the phase plays Jukebox B.B.'s rock-and-roll piece of an unpleasant surprise tune. The premium, giftable keepsake plan creates this the perfect present for enthusiasts and supporters alike. Jukebox B.B. also consists of a publication with song lyrics to her piece of the track. Accumulate all the lyric sheets coming from the entire L.O.L. Surprise! Remix pipes to uncover the whole song. Or, mix & fit lyrics to produce your personal Remix. Features exclusive style figurine, showstopping fashion trends, significant peninsula, luxe, golden accessories, tough footwear, a run-in, light- up jukebox stage set as well as dolly stand up that truly plays popular music and also token to play popular music.