Holiday Gift Sale - Proven E1D Protector Tactical LED Torch. - Steal-A-Thon:£86

Holiday Gift Sale - Proven E1D Protector Tactical LED Torch. - Steal-A-Thon:£86


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Holiday Gift Sale - Proven E1D Protector Tactical LED Torch. - Steal-A-Thon:£86 - Surefire Flashlight

Frame dimension: 1.125 inches.
FEATURESVirtually imperishable LED emitter controlled to make best use of output and also runtime.
Significance w/ batteries: 3.1 ounces.
Product DetailsE1D Protector Tactical LED Torch.

Covered adjusted home window resists influence, takes full advantage of light result.

Span: 4.25 inches.
Consists of high-energy 123A battery along with 10-year life span.
Strike Bezel? offers individual protection choice.
Weatherproof O-ring and also covering sealing off.
Electric batteries: 1 123A (consisted of).
The E1D LED Defender? is actually an ultra-compact 300-lumen flashlight including dual-output capacity as well as self-defense augmentations. Taking advantage of a virtually unbreakable high-performance LED and also a Total Inner Representation (TIR) lens, the E1DL is triggered with a pushbutton tailcap click change that also allows the choice of result degrees: push or click when for a high-intensity 300-lumen white-light ray of light-- greater than adequate to smother the dark-adapted eyesight of an assailant. Go back to off and also push or click on once more within pair of few seconds for a 5-lumen long-runtime reduced beam that appropriates for navigating at night or even conducting view jobs for approximately 47 hours.The Defender's crenellated Strike Bezel? gives additionally defensive possibilities ought to the need arise. Ultra small and also highly effective, the E1DL is a suitable everyday-carry illumination.
Tactical runtime: 1.30 hours.
Dual-output tailcap click on change-- push for momentary-on high, click for constant-on high, go back to off after that push or even click again to pick low.
SPECIFICATIONSOutput/ Runtime-- white light: High: 300.0 lumens/ 1.30 hrs Low: 5.0 lumens/ 47.0 hours.
Fits our V91 holster in the head-up position.
High-strength aerospace light weight aluminum body system, Mil-Spec hard-anodized for extreme durability.
2 output degrees-- 300 lumens on extreme for optimum lighting, 5 lumens on low for extended runtime.
TIR lense offers tight, important light beam along with sufficient surround light for field of vision.